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Jim Robey, PQ Coach

I am a United Methodist minister (Elder), a Certified Mental Fitness Coach, and a Master Certified Coach (MCC). As a coach, I provide Life and Leadership coaching. Passionate about equipping new coaches, I teach and mentor with Coach Training for Leaders, an ICF-approved school that I co-founded.

Since discovering Positive Intelligence in 2020, I have been profoundly impacted by the practice and experiences.  I have taken more than 150 individuals from around the world through the 6-week PQ experience.  I am a graduate of the PQ Mastery Program and am a Certified Positive Intelligence Coach.

An avid global traveler, who once worked with Mother Teresa in Calcutta, I bring a passion for equipping new leaders for the worldwide church, the non-profit organizations, and the business community.  I have proven myself to be successful in bridging cultures, countries, ages, races, religions, and gender by bringing a worldview that embraces diversity and celebrates it. 

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